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Business Insurance

Every business owner knows business problems rarely have simple solutions. At Invensure, you are getting much more than insurance for your business. You are getting an independent and objective insurance analyst - not just at renewal time but throughout the year. Our mission is to provide your company with business insurance solutions that make sense. Our strategies help contain costs, are easy to understand and manage and combine innovative ideas without sacrificing quality.

Personal Insurance

We know you care deeply about the safety and well-being of your family and personal property. We want to help you be proactive in protecting them against all possible risks. Our mission is to present you with options and counsel you on your questions or concerns. Our goal is to be able to offer you the best possible coverage to meet your specific needs at the most competitive cost to you.

Employee Benefits

In today's workplace, employee benefits are one of the largest business expenses facing companies of every size and type. With health costs rising faster than wages, the challenges facing employers are extremely complex. At Invensure, we understand that you must carefully navigate through a complicated process that involves the evaluation of medical, dental, life and disability group plans, contract and rate negotiations, and consideration of regulatory issues, all while balancing the needs of your employees with your bottom line.

A.J Kirkwood & Associates is proud to call Invensure a partner of nearly 20 years. The level of customer service and attention to detail is truly what separates Invensure from the competition.

  • Michael - Vice Presedent / CEO

Invensure has successfully lead me and the companies that I've created since 1983 with insurance programs for my business affairs and I truly feel that the service is performed by Richard and Invensure at the highest standards available. As both a business owner and friend I'm grateful to have such a service and relationship with Richard and his company Invensure.

  • Tibor CEO

I own a general contracting company, which requires all kinds of insurance. Before I was put in contact with Invensure several years ago, I felt I was paying too much and had numerous issues with my current broker. Rich was not only able to save me money, but he informed me that I did not even have the coverage with my previous broker that I thought I had! From the beginning, Rich has worked with me on a personal level, which has been comforting and is not something I'm used to for a company of their size.

  • President